5 Outsunny Gazebo Reviews (Take a Look Below…)

Steel Framed Outsunny Gazebo

Steel Framed Outsunny Gazebo

Outsunny is well-known for its garden and patio furniture as well as its wide range of gazebos that can be found listed for sale on a variety of shopping platforms.

In this case, though, we’ll be focusing on their gazebos listed on Amazon which includes;

  • Connectable pole gazebos
  • Pop up gazebos
  • Larger party tents
  • Metal framed gazebos
  • Polycarbonate gazebos (hardtop gazebos)

and below we’ve reviewed our favourites which we hope you like too…

We explain exactly what all the confusing terminology means in a much easier way to understand and we’ll talk you through all of the features, what they can do and will do for you and your event, whilst answering your questions.

Outsunny Gazebo Sizes & Specs

Take a look at a few of our favourite Outsunny gazebos with important features and various sizes

Image Type Size Colours Weight Buy
Pop up Gazebo 2m x 2m 5 12.1kg
Poles 2.7m x 2.7m 3 5.5kg
Poles 3x3m 2 5.9kg
Metal Hardtop 3×3.6m 1 63.5kg
Steel Frame 3x3m 1 19kg

Select an Outsunny Gazebo Review from Below

Take a look at our detailed but easy to understand reviews of Outsunny gazebos. We’ve included temporary pop up gazebos, polycarbonate and steel framed permanent outdoor gazebos for the garden(also known as pergolas with roof).

Outsunny Gazebos For Sale on Amazon (Latest Prices)

Check out the availability of these gazebos below on Amazon by clicking your favourite or preferred choice.

Last update was on: May 18, 2020 7:33 pm

Outsunny Gazebo 2x2

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Outsunny 2x2m Pop-up Gazebo with Rust Resistant Frame Review

This small Outsunny waterproof gazebo (2x2m or 6x6ft) is ideal if you’re looking for a gazebo for the garden to use during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant but a little unpredictable.

Outsunny 2x2 Gazebo

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Whilst, this is a strong gazebo for regular use, it is not suitable for leaving outdoors overnight.

The concertina frame (pop up) makes it so easy to build and pack away then there is no real reason to leave it built overnight outdoors.

As mentioned, the concertina frame is quick to build especially if you have a friend to help you lift it off the ground and stretch it out.

As you can see in the image, this gazebo comes with 4 side panels that include 2 sides that have a window each and 2 full-length doors or wall sections.

Both full doors/walls can be tied back with the attached ties.

Check Price on Amazon

Package Includes

Delivery Box

If you’re looking to order then click here to go straight to Amazon, or if you want to know what you’ll receive first, then view below.

  • Water-Resistant & Rust Resistant Canopy.
  • 2x2m Concertina style pop up frame 
  • 4 side walls (x2 windows – x2 full doors/walls)
  • Carry Bag
  • Rope and Stakes
  • Portable carrying bag.
  • Instructions

Everything you need for an outdoor garden gazebo is provided in the package and nothing else is required to be purchased.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to build & take down
  • Provides UV resistance
  • Water & Wind-Resistant
  • Sensibly Priced
  • Strong roof section (Cross Truss)
  • Sides easy to add/remove

  • Do not leave built outdoors overnight


Here’s a few things that we really like about it, followed by a few frequently asked questions further down.

Easy to Build

One of the great aspects of owning a concertina gazebo or pop up gazebo as they’re more regularly known is that they’re really simple to build and takedown.

To build, all you have to do is remove it from the bag, ask a friend to lift the legs slightly off the ground and both of you walk backward to stretch the frame out.

Once the frame is extended out, just attach the canopy with the velcro straps to the top section and then lift the frame legs up and then click them each into one of the 3 height settings… that’s it!

Good Value

Bearing in mind everything that is included, the strength and level of water resistance then this Outsunny pop-up gazebo is well worth the money paid for it.

Quite often, with all the accessories that are included you would expect to pay twice the price that you will be paying on Amazon should you decide to purchase this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Pop-up gazebo be used during the winter?

In our opinion, this gazebo should not be used during the winter.

The manufacturer says it can be used during wintertime but to be perfectly honest, we do not think it could withstand snow load on the roof or up to 40 mph winds which can be encountered during this time of the year.

Is this Pop-up gazebo easy to take down?

To take it down is basically a reversal of how you put it up in the first place.  One good thing is that you can leave the canopy attached to the roof section instead of removing it before you place it in the storage bag.

How long will this gazebo last?

Realistically, we believe that you will get 2/3 years of regular use out of it but please bear in mind that this means dismantling it and bringing it indoors after use and not leaving it outdoors during winter either.

How do I clean the canopy?

Depending on where you position your gazebo on your yard you may find that the roof section begins to get dirty or covered in leaves etc if this happens we advise washing off with water but do not rub or use fairy liquid on the canopy.

Using detergent on the canopy or scrubbing will significantly decrease its level of water-resistance and UV protection.

Find out more on Amazon

Outsunny 2.7x2.7m Canopy

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Outsunny 2.7×2.7 Canopy with Connecting Poles & No Sides

This old fashioned type of connecting pole gazebo is perfect for those of you that have a very low budget and you’re basically looking for a disposable, single-use gazebo without all the bells and whistles.

Canopy without Sides

Click Image to view on Amazon

Your expectations need to be realistic and sensible considering the price and not to expect it to be able to last for years to come and protect you against every monsoon going, it isn’t going to happen with this product.

What this Outsunny canopy can do is protect you and a few guests from the odd spot of rain as long as its nothing more than light drizzle and not for too long.

It can also be used to provide shade to grass, patio or other hard surfaces and has a set of tent pegs and guy ropes to help hold it down.

These anchors (pegs and ropes) MUST be used at all times as they provide a huge amount of extra support to the frame section and are the only preventative methods to ensure it isn’t totally destroyed if the wind picks up.

This canopy, provided you realise its limitations is actually a good buy if used sensibly

See on Amazon

Package Includes

Should you decide to purchase this canopy from Amazon then you will receive the following pieces of equipment.

Delivery Box

Package Includes

  • Powder-coated steel connecting frame poles
  • Water-resistant PE Canopy roof
  • Durable PP connectors for poles
  • 4 x Guy ropes
  • 8 x Tent pegs
  • Full instructions
  • All necessary assembly parts

There are no leg weights or weight bags provided and personally I don’t recommend buying any because they will cost about the same as the canopy itself and secondly, they won’t make the roof section any stronger.

Pros and cons

  • Really low price
  • Can protect against UV rays
  • Ideal for sunny days
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can protect against very light rain

  • Do not use when breezy
  • Do not leave built overnight


Here’s a few things that we really like about it, followed by a few frequently asked questions further down.

Simple to connect together

This isn’t a pop-up gazebo and therefore, assembly is required to build this canopy, although, it is extremely simple to put together.  Instructions are provided but to be honest you’ll only need to read them once at the most.

Pegs & guy ropes included

As this canopy is very lightweight it requires something to ensure that it isn’t simply lifted off the ground even with a gentle breeze, therefore, the guy ropes and tent pegs come in really handy, especially at the price you’re paying.

Anti UV canopy

This canopy can offer protection against UV rays which makes it ideal to use to provide a shaded area in the spring and summer months.  It’s still advisable to wear sunblock to help ensure full UV protection whilst outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the canopy and frame windproof?

No, not at all.  This is a very low priced canopy that is intended to be used to provide shade during hot weather.  It will not hold up in anything more than a light breeze so caution is advised against using it when windy.

How much does it weigh?

The entire package when delivered to your door weighs a little over 5kg.  For a canopy, this is extremely lightweight and only reaffirms my advice against using it in bad weather conditions.

Does it come with a bag?

Unfortunately, for those of you that intend to get regular use out of it then it will mean storing it in the cardboard boxes that it comes in (2).  At this kind of price, you really can’t expect a bag to be thrown in too.

See current price on Amazon

Outsunny Garden Canopy Tent

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Outsunny Weatherproof Canopy with Mesh Mosquito Nets

This canopy is another outdoor shelter that requires the poles to be connected to build the frame rather than being an instant pop up concertina gazebo, however, it isn’t difficult to assemble.

Outsunny Canopy with Mesh doors

Click Image to view on Amazon

This slightly larger 3x3m shelter enables you to use it for bigger events, whether it’s to keep more guests dry or to store more items underneath should you use it for camping or just relaxing under.

Once you have connected the poles together, the canopy and sides need to be lifted over the frame as they are all sewn together in one piece and then pulled down to ground level.

None of the sides or mesh doors can be removed but the mesh doors can be zipped open and closed after to keep flies and mosquitos out.

See on Amazon

Package Includes

Delivery Box

Should you decide to purchase this 3x3m canopy from Amazon then you will receive the following pieces of equipment.

  • Powder-coated steel connecting frame
  • 160gsm water resistant canopy with sides and 2 mesh doors (all in one)
  • 8 ground stakes
  • 4 guy ropes

You will receive everything you need to have a fully working canopy that can protect against UV rays and provide protection against light rain.

Pros and cons





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