Best Ways to Store Away a Pop up Canopy

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Once winter has come and it’s time to pack your canopy away until spring you’re going to want to know what is the best way to store a popup canopy?

Storing your canopy isn’t quite as straight forward as you would imagine as you will find out below.

Best Way to Store Your Gazebo Canopy

Once you’ve finished using your canopy be sure to read the best storage tips when it comes to packing your canopy away for the year.

Store away in a Carrying Bag

If your canopy included a carrying bag with it when you bought it then your best option is to keep the entire gazebo inside the bag.

When placing all the parts inside the bag for storage try to ensure that nothing is forced and any sharp corners are taped to prevent any damage to the canopy or sides.

It is a good idea to tape the tent pegs together to ensure that you don’t lose any and to prevent them from causing holes inside the bag itself.

Storing a Canopy without a Bag

It’s not the end of the world if your canopy doesn’t have a bag, there are lots of alternatives and you can even buy one if you want to.

When you bought your canopy there’s a good chance that it came with a box and that would be a good starting point to store it away.

However, I’m guessing you’re here because you haven’t got the box.

You can buy heavy-duty large plastic bags from your local store or look to get some from Amazon.

Whilst you’re there also get some strong tape to help keep the plastic bag attached around your folded up canopy.

Carefully place the open end of the bag over the top of the canopy frame and pull down until it reaches to ground.  Wrap the protective plastic around the frame to get rid of the slack and then place tape around it with about 30 cm gap in between each taped section

Lay on the Floor/Ground

When you come to find a place to store your canopy away, the best place is to store it on a flat surface, off the ground and somewhere it isn’t going to get damaged or stood on.

Quite often you’ll see canopies stored away in the basement, loft, shed, garage or underneath a bed.  We recommend that the storage area is not too cold, free from damp and can’t be made a home by insects or bugs.

Can you Leave the Canopy Top Attached?

It is recommended by manufacturers to leave the canopy section attached to the frame once you have built it for the first time.

Personally, I would keep the canopy top attached but ensure that it is totally dry and away from any sharp objects.

Should the material canopy be wet when it gets put into storage it will become mouldy, begin to smell and won’t be useable when it comes to using it again from spring to fall.

If the canopy is wet just leave it outdoors until it is dry or hang from a line.  You could bring it indoors to dry but just be careful should any water drip down and cause your floor or carpet to get wet and then smell.


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