Are Water Weights for Gazebos Any Good?

Are you thinking of buying a set of water weights for your gazebo but you’re wondering if they’re any good, right?

do water weights work

Water weights are an extremely convenient and easy way of securing your canopy to the ground without having to cost you a fortune.

They work by simply lifting the cap at the top and then fill with water until full.

Simply replace the cap and attach to the frame leg of your canopy or pop up gazebo via the tightening screws.

After use, the water is then tipped away and the empty weight containers can be stored away, either with your gazebo in your designated storage place.

You can even use them to hold something else down instead such as swing chairs, patio sets, other furniture, trampoline, etc).

Water weights do work, however, some types may not be ideal for gazebos that have side panels as they can get in the way and prevent you from being able to pull the wall or windowed side all the way to the ground.

However, if you’re canopy doesn’t have sides then water weights and many other types of weight are a great way of holding your gazebo down.

Are Water Weights the Best Way to Hold a Canopy Down?

It normally depends on whether your canopy has sides or not, but water weights do work.

However, let’s be realistic…

Most sets of water weights can be bought in packs of 4 and will arrive at your home empty and ready for filling once you’ve purchased them from Amazon.

Even after filling them though,  please understand that your gazebo is not infallible to extremely strong winds.

These weights if filled to the top will generally add an extra 8kg of weight to each leg, which means you will have in total an extra 32kg of weight holding down your canopy.

For most breezy or gusty weather conditions this is a more than adequate amount of extra support, although I always recommend using guy ropes to help support the higher part of the frame.

You can view our recommended choices of water weights here


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