Do Metal Gazebo Weights Rust & How to Stop it?

Having a good set of cast iron weights for the legs of your canopy is one of the smarter buys you can make.  In windy weather, it is imperative that your gazebo is anchored down to prevent it from blowing away.

However, iron weights can rust but luckily there are lots of things to do to prevent and minimize rust or further rusting.  Here are 3 simple ways to prevent or minimise rusting.

  • Spray with Hammerite Wax
  • 400ml Crystal Clear Gloss
  • Keep Dry

Before we decide to treat our cast-iron weights with a coating we first need to understand why our weights are rusting in the first place (oxidization).

Why does rust appear?

Rust will appear after what is called oxidization, this is where moisture, oxygen (including nitrogen and hydrogen) and the bare metal meet.

Unfortunately, they’re not exactly best friends and once these foes meet then there’s only one loser and that is your metal object (your weights in this case).

The elements then begin to break down the iron and this is when you see the golden brown appearance on your iron weights but this is also the time when you must act to prevent any further degradation.

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How to Remove Rust?

Wire Wool

If rust is now noticeable on your weights then it’s time to get out the wire wool and take action.

To remove rust from the surface you simply rub the affected area and slightly around the area too, to remove any visible signs of oxidization.

Once removed or at least to the best of your knowledge you then need to keep that area dry until applying a protective coating.

So, that’s the rust removed, we now need to prevent rust coming back to our canopy weights.

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How to Prevent Iron Gazebo Weights from Rusting?

So you’ve removed the visible rusting from the surface of the metal and you can maybe see a shimmering scratched area and we will be treating this area but be aware, we’ll actually be treating the entire metal surface.

1. Apply Hammerite Waxol

We’ve recommended this product to apply to your iron weights as it waterproofs and protects from rusting by adding a wax layer over the weight.

Unfortunately, as its a wax it never actually fully cures but it will prevent your weights from rusting but any future handling of the weights will have to be done using gloves.

The wax is applied as an aerosol which makes life slightly easier and cleaner but you’ll ideally need to have the weights elevated so you can hold the can upright to prevent it from just blowing air out rather than the product.

Give the can a good shake before using it too.

This type of coating is ideal if your weights are being used outdoors on a permanent basis.

2. Apply Crystal Clear Gloss

Simply by spraying this product thoroughly over the iron and leaving to dry it will protect against rust.

Before applying please ensure the item you wish to protect is entirely free from rust and totally dry.

3. Keep Dry

Whenever possible and I understand that is unlikely but if you can, keep the iron weights from moisture.

If you cannot prevent them from getting wet then please don’t pack them away when wet as when you come round to using them again you’ll have 4 metal but brown weights.


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