Hardtop & Soft Top Gazebos for Patio & Garden

There are lots of ways to spruce up your backyard and one of the best ways (and becoming more and more popular) is to purchase a good quality pergola that can be used time and time again throughout the year.

Whether you decide to purchase a metal pergola with a hardtop roof or one with a waterproof material canopy it’s merely a matter of personal preference as both types are extremely strong and durable.

It’s often just a matter of which style will suit your garden space or the type of events you’re planning to hold.

What is a Hardtop Gazebo?

Outsunny Polycarbonate Hardtop Gazebo

Hardtop Gazebo by Outsunny

Owning a roofed pergola (a.k.a hardtop gazebo, in the picture) allows you to spend time outdoors when the weather is wet but not too cold as the solid roof keeps your dry.

The roof section is often made from polycarbonate which is much stronger than glass, far more flexible, is lightweight, will protect you against harmful UV rays and its much safer.

Pergolas generally, or at least up to a few years ago were roofless structures that allowed climbing plants to grow around the frame and across the roof beams to create a stunning and natural-looking shaded area to relax under.

However, as people begin to spend more time than ever in their own gardens, pergolas with a roof like in the image above have become much more the trend nowadays.

Fancy a cheaper alternative, then consider a semi-permanent outdoor soft top gazebo, see below.

What is the Soft Top Gazebo?

Sunjoy D-GZ136PST-N Patio Gazebo (Summer Breeze)

Softtop Gazebo by Sunjoy

As you would expect by the name ‘soft top’ gazebo, the canopy is made from a softer, polyester material that is a waterproof fabric rather than polycarbonate.

Buying a canopy with a soft top has its pros and cons with one of them being a much cheaper price.

Don’t think that just because it’s called a soft-top gazebo that it is flimsy in any way, these types of metal gazebos are also extremely strong and robust.

You can leave the frame skeleton outdoors all year round with the canopy attached, although, I always recommend removing the canopy (and curtains) in late autumn to prevent any damage from snow or strong winds.

Now that we’ve acquainted you with the types of pergola (polycarbonate & material roof), here are our top choices.

Pergola Kits with a Roof for Sale on Amazon

We’ve listed 4 pergolas that are our personal favourites for a variety of reasons that you can read about below or you can go straight to Amazon by clicking the image of your preferred option below.

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