The Mission of this site is clear

I want to help every visitor from around the world ensure their outdoor event is a roaring success by utilizing what I know about gazebos and event accessories.

I’ve launched various websites related to pop up gazebos and accessories for them.  However, I had never seen a site totally dedicated to explaining how to anchor a canopy down and prevent them from blowing away.

My current sites are; – This site is focused on citizens of the United States to help them understand more about hardtop and soft top gazebos as well as other types of canopies and shelters.  I’ve digressed slightly and have included fun things for kids and outdoor homes and accessories for cats and dogs. – Dedicated to UK citizens to help them understand the pros and cons of buying pop up gazebos and other types of outdoor canopy.  Like this site, I’ve delved into what I believe are the best weights for gazebos and included lots of accessories such as; lights, fans,heaters and much more.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of information but it’s scattered all over the place.

This website is for you if you want to:

  • know how to strengthen a pop-up gazebo and stop it from blowing down or breaking
  • learn about helpful accessories that can make events much more enjoyable.
  • impress your friends and neighbours by showing off your gear.
  • have more information on which type of gazebo weight to buy, including other items you can purchase to make your party a memorable one.

Here at Gazebo Weights, I blend physics with mother nature and put that knowledge in the palm of your hand.

Who’s Behind Gazebo Weights?

Shaun Bird, Founder

Hi.  I’m Shaun.  I first used a pop-up gazebo about 25 years ago and can remember my grandad constantly saying ‘don’t lean on the sides, don’t let anything touch the sides and keep still’.

Safe to say, the canopy that he had wasn’t the strongest or sturdiest.

25 years later I’m offering advice via this website, but I’d like to think it’s a bit more concise and provide you reasons into why you should and shouldn’t do certain things under a pop-up gazebo.

Talking about outdoor shelters is neither trendy or cool but I stopped trying to be cool years ago…

To be honest, learning more about outdoor shelters and accessories really opened my eyes as to how technical some aspects are.

For example, I certainly never knew what ‘180gsm’ meant (item weighs 180 grams per square meter) until a few years ago and realize now how handy it is knowing this kind of info.

Also, I never realized just how many products can be bought to use with an outdoor shelter and just how many uses there are where you can use a gazebo.

Q. What’s your favourite type of gazebo?

A. Wow, there are so many different types and strengths.  To be honest for those of you in the U.K I would recommend a pop-up gazebo from All Seasons because they are heavy-duty and they’re so easy to build and transport.

Those of you in the US, there are some great hardtop gazebos that can be bought on Amazon, admittedly they’re not cheap but for a shelter that’s outdoor all-year-round, you do need something a bit meatier.

Q. What is your favourite gazebo brand?

A. There are so many new brands and decent ones at that.  Personally, Sunjoy, Sojag, All Seasons and Outsunny do a decent gazebo whichever type or size you’re wanting to buy.

Q. What’s the most unusual use for a gazebo?

A. I ran in the London marathon in 2000 and 2002 and there were about 200 of us all getting changed inside a large gazebo, you’d probably of called it a marquee.  It just seemed so weird that there were so many of us in underpants in the same building.

How to Best Use

This site is primarily targetted towards helping people buy the right type of gazebo weights for their canopies, gazebos or marquees.

However, as we expand I’ll be talking about lots of different products that can be bought along the way.

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Best Wishes


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