ABCCANOPY Gazebo 3x3m Review UK

£219.00 £279.00
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ABCCANOPY Gazebo 3x3m Review UK
ABCCANOPY Gazebo 3x3m Review UK
£219.00 £279.00

Below we have explained every technical detail about the ABC 3x3m Canopy to ensure you know what you’re buying, understand all the features, how long you can expect it to last and whether it is good value or not?

About the ABCCANOPY 3x3m Gazebo…

ABC Canopy in blue

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This ABC Canopy is a well-made, strong and fully waterproof pop up gazebo that is ideal for use as a sheltered area for relaxing in the garden, to take camping, commercial use or maybe something else you have in mind.

It can be quickly built by attaching the waterproof canopy to the frame and then just stretch out the heavy-duty concertina frame and then click the legs into 1 of the 3 height settings there is.

The gazebo comes with 3 full-length sides that attach via the velcro straps should you decide to use them and there is an entrance that can be rolled up and tied back if required.

The guy ropes should be attached to help anchor the canopy down whatever the weather, as they make a huge amount of difference to the stability and sturdiness of the frame.

There are 16 different colours to choose from and I recommend choosing a darker colour for camping (hides dirt) and a brighter colour for craft fairs, commercial use, etc (to make your stall stand out).

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What’s Included in the Package?

package includes

Items Included

When you purchase this ABCCANOPY on Amazon you will receive the following items when it arrives.

  • Fully waterproof 500D canopy roof section
  • Black rust-resistant concertina steel frame
  • 3 Full-length waterproof 210D sidewalls
  • 1 Full-length door section with tie-ups
  • 1 Heavy-duty storage bag
  • 4 Guy ropes & 4 tent pegs to help anchor down

ABC also provides spare parts should you encounter any problems down the line with rips or snapping and require replacements or just back up parts.

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Amazon Listing with Price & Features

Check out the ABCCANOPY 3x3m Gazebo below exactly as it is listed on Amazon, however, underneath we explain all the technical jargon into easy to understand snippets that make more sense…

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  • Features
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ABCCANOPY Patio 3x3 Gazebo Fully Waterproof Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo With...

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£219.00 £279.00

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Features: All the Technical Jargon made SIMPLE!

We realise that you may be buying a pop up gazebo for the first time so below we explain all the features and tell you exactly what to expect from each one of them.  Read below…

What does Powder-coated steel frame mean?

Powder-coated is a term used to highlight that an external protective coating has been applied to a product.

Powder coated metal

Powder Coated Steel

A powder coating can be applied to a wide range of materials such as steel, wood, plastic and even glass.

The coating is applied to prevent rusting and ensure that the frame remains strong by preventing moisture and oxygen attacking the framework and therefore helping to stop rust from appearing.

The coating first starts off as finely ground resin and pigment that is sprayed onto the steel framework.

The charged particles attach themselves to the frame and it is then moved into a curing oven where the coating then melts and sets onto the steel frame.

What does 500D Canopy Material with PU Lining mean?

The 500D represents the thickness of the fabric of the canopy.

 The ‘D’ stands for dernier and is more well known to people in the camping industry as most tents are described using this terminology.

The value of 500, is a more than adequate thickness for a pop up canopy to be strong, durable and will ensure it’s longevity especially if you intend on using it regularly.

The PU Lining is a coating that has been applied to the outer layer of the fabric to ensure that the material is waterproof.

The PU is a short version for Polyurethane, which makes the fabric waterproof, easy to wipe clean and flexible.

A popup canopy material with a rating of 500D with an outer coating of PU would be described as heavy-duty by most manufacturers in the gazebo industry.

What does Heat Sealed seams mean?

Heat-sealed seams add an extra layer of waterproof protection over the stitching and prevent water (rain) from seeping through during periods of wet weather.

The heat-sealed seams protect the stitching of the joints between different sections of the fabric and around zipped sections.

Over time, you would normally find that hot and cold weather would normally put additional stress on stitching and cause it to weaken or undo, heat sealing minimises this and even prevents it from happening.

Why are the Sidewalls 250D & not 500D?

As you will have noticed, the sidewalls of this pop up canopy are not as thick as the roof canopy.  Don’t worry, this is not a problem as the most important section that needs to be waterproof is the canopy.

The sides are still to a high level of waterproofing and when you’re new gazebo experiences heavy rain you’ll see for yourself that the canopy will protect you from the heavy downpour and the rain will run off down the side panels.

There is a lot more impact experienced on the canopy during heavy rainfall and that is partly why the canopy has a much thicker weave than on the sides, plus, the slightly thinner sides also reduce the overall cost of the package.

Is the Heavy Duty Storage Bag important?

Taking your ABCCANOPY gazebo to your preferred location, packing it away after use and storing it over the winter when not in use is so much easier and more organised by having everything stored together in a strong, waterproof storage bag.

Having a strong storage bag doesn’t seem that important until you talk to someone that bought a gazebo one.  Unfortunately, the bag doesn’t have wheels but it’s not the end of the world and as you can buy one with wheels further down the line if you wish.

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9.5 Total Score
Vert Sturdy

An extremely strong pop up gazebo that can be relied upon to keep your event dry and protected as long as you've assembled it correctly. It can be built or took down in just a couple of minutes and conveniently stored and transported around in the waterproof storage bag.

Overall Strength
Level of Waterproofing
  • Well built & sturdy
  • 100% Waterproof & Durable
  • Easy to assemble & dismantle
  • No weight bags included
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