3 Gazebo Weights That Actually Work!

Ensure your event is a success and buy a set of gazebo anchor weights for your pop up gazebo.

What Shape Are Your Gazebos Legs?

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Round & Square Legs

ABC Super Heavy Duty Premium Gazebo Sandbag Weights

Can add up to 100kg of extra weight to help hold down your canopy. Each set of weights can add 25kg to each frame leg...

Round Legs Only

Airwave Leg Weights (Set of 4)

Can add up to 32kg in total to help hold down your gazebo. Just fill with water or sand and tighten to frame by hand...

Feet / Footplates

Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Weight for Footplates

Cast-iron weights sit on the footplate of your pop up gazebo. They're larger than in the image and suitable for gazebos with sides.

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Gazebo Weights Reviewed...

We don't blame you if you want to know a little bit more before you buy. Read our
weight bag, plastic leg weight and cast iron metal weight reviews to help you understand more...

This set of heavy-duty ABC Canopy sandbags is ideal to anchor down any shape of gazebo leg, be it round or square.

You will receive a set of 4 sandbags (sand not included) and each bag will provide 25kg of extra anchor weight.

This accumulates to an additional 100kg of weight which is more than enough to anchor your gazebo to stop it lifting and prevent any side shift to the frame legs.

The weighted bags are connected to the frame legs via the velcro straps that are securely attached to each bag.

To fill the bags you simply unzip the top section and fill with your preferred material, such as rocks, dirt, pebbles or sand.

To keep things a little cleaner and more organised it’s best if you place the dirt, sand or rocks into thick plastic bags to prevent the bags from getting dirty or muddy when wet.

ABC Super Heavy Duty Premium Gazebo Sandbag Weights

ABC Canopy Weight Bags

This set of 4 leg weights are by ‘ECS Ltd’ who make the very popular ‘Airwave’ range of gazebos and canopies.

You can fill these weights with sand or water and they will add an extra 12kg or 8kg of weight respectively, to hold the frame legs down.

Should you use these on holiday, you can fill them with sand when you arrive at the beach or if you’re camping you could fill them with soil.

Generally, I recommend using water as it’s much easier to tip away afterwards.

These plastic leg weights have a large screw that you tighten by hand.  This will clamp together the 2 pieces around the frame legs of your gazebo.

There are no tools required as you tighten everything together by hand.

Airwave Leg Weights (Set of 4)

Airwave Plastic Leg Weights

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Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Metal Gazebo Weight Review (13kg Each)

These Crocodile Trading cast-iron weights are ideal to secure your canopy on hard surfaces.

Due to the design, this type of anchor weight is only suitable for gazebos that have footplates or feet.

It doesn’t matter if your gazebo frame has round or square legs but it must have feet at the bottom for this product to sit on.

The product simply slots through the frame leg and lies on top of the foot to prevent it from lifting off the ground.

To add further strength, you can screw these metal weights down or knock tent pegs through the pre-drilled holes.

Please note that metal pegs and screws aren’t provided but can be bought separately from Amazon.

You can also buy multiple packs of these weights and stack them on top of each other via the male and female connectors…

Each weight will provide 13kgs of extra weight and are available in sets of 2, 4 and 6.

Crocodile Cast Iron Weights for Footplates

Metal Gazebo Weights

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